My Prayer for You

I pray His Armor Uplifts you on days when you feel unworthy and unloved. I pray His Armor gives you Courage and Hope when things seem to get worse and you’re on the verge of breaking down. I pray His Armor gives you Strength to know you can stand up for yourself. I pray His Armor gives you Peace when you’re nervous or anxious. I pray His Armor reminds you that you are Loved and you matter. I pray His Armor gives you so much confidence that you to treat others with the same love that Jesus has for you. Finally, I pray for each of you who are struggling with anxiety, depression, suicide, heartache, stress, worry and all other negative emotions. You matter and better days are coming. You will get through the valley!

When everything is going well, God is good. When times are tough, God is enough. 

If you need prayer, please Contact Us and our team will pray for you.